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Reflecting on Connect with Connect 2024

This year’s Connect with Connect event not only met but exceeded all expectations, marking a milestone in our community-driven charity efforts. The annual event, held at the scenic Rochford Wines in the heart of Yarra Valley, welcomed over 100 guests, all united by a common cause – to support the young heroes of Little Dreamers....

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Improving Tenant Satisfaction Through Effective Building Management

According to a 2018 global tenant survey by the CBRE Group, a commercial real estate and investment firm, findings show that building management was the highest-rated factor for tenant satisfaction. With this in mind, properties that aim to be a step ahead of their competition should look toward improving their tenant satisfaction efforts.  In this...

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How Building Management Elevates Sustainability Of Your Property

Are you concerned about the environmental state of the world? As issues such as climate change, pollution, resource depletion and environmental degradation become ever-pressing concerns in the modern century, whether or not the operations we run and amenities we use are sustainable as an increasingly necessary consideration to make. Enhancing sustainability in the building landscape...

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The Reliability of Concierge Services | Insights From Connect Facilities

Like many other sectors, competition is pushing businesses to innovate to keep their edge – and in real estate, a great way to set yourself apart from your competitors is to offer a unique amenity, and concierge services are one of them. In this article, we’ll explore how a concierge service enhances tenant experience, streamlines...

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Outsourcing vs. In-House Facility Management Services: What’s Better?

Facility management is a key component of successful business operations. It allows buildings to maximise their operational efficiency and boost staff productivity while minimising downtimes, mainly by offloading administrative burdens so that you’re able to bring your attention to other areas of your business. Often with the strenuous tasks of managing amenities on top of...

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Should You Hire Facility Management Services For Your Business?

Since the 1960s, Australia has experienced a healthy urbanisation rate, leading to the creation of various industries and businesses. However, while businesses expand, their ability to manage these complex systems will inevitably lag behind and spiral out of control. This problem prompted an increased demand for building and facility management services. Where by Connect Facilities understand...

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Elevating Workspaces: How Connect Facilities Transforms Facility Management into a Strategic Asset

Did you know that in today’s business world, the effectiveness, security, and sustainability of work environments are no longer just operational considerations but also strategic ones? With the ever-changing needs of workspaces and the growing significance of health and environmental standards, facility management has moved from a background operation to a leading strategic approach. Connect...

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Common Challenges in Build To Rent Management – How to Overcome Them

Understanding the Model Of Build To Rent Build-to-rent (BTR) apartments or properties are housing complexes designed, constructed, managed and maintained by developers. Apart from other property models, developers would not sell the housing units but retain their ownership. Thus they lease these homes to tenants and undertake substantial management as well as upkeep responsibilities. The...

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The Gift of Giving: Christmas At Prima Tower 2024

Prima Tower recently hosted a heartwarming Christmas event that not only brought joy to residents but also supported a meaningful cause. Collaborating with Connect Facilities and Melcorp Strata, the festive gathering aimed to strengthen community bonds while extending a helping hand to The Smith Family, an savoured dedicated to breaking the cycle of poverty through...

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Meet Angelo Xerri – Connect Facilities, Regional Facilities Manager

Delve into the distinctive qualities that distinguish Connect Facilities in the realm of facilities management. Our steadfast commitment to delivering personalised services tailored specifically to your property sets us apart from the competition. Acquire valuable insights from Angelo Xerri, as we touch base 12 months on, from walking in to the Connect Facilities doors for the...

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Key Statistics in Facilities Management taken from: The Latest Sustainability In Facilities Management Statistics Unveiled

Welcome to the dynamic realm of facilities management, where sustainability has emerged as a central focus and concern. The responsible utilisation of resources and the protection of our planet rely significantly on how we manage our facilities — whether it’s minimising waste, conserving energy, or ensuring a healthy indoor environment. Understanding the statistics related to...

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Union Quarter Spotswood – A Build-To-Rent Triumph

This dynamic mixed-use development, comprising The McLister Apartments and The Hobson Apartments, is currently in progress. Designed to accommodate over 500 residents across 334 one, two, and three-bedroom apartments, it seamlessly integrates with retail spaces, forming a vibrant Town Centre that is poised to set a new benchmark in Melbourne’s west. At Union Quarter Spotswood,...

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EV Charging Integration and Adoption at Camberwell Village

The global trend towards the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) is on the rise.  The global trend towards the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) is on the rise. The United Kingdom and France have announced plans to ban new sales of petrol and diesel cars by 2040, followed by Sweden and Scotland in 2032, and...

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Challenge Cancer’s Junior Camp

As a result of our first annual Connect with Connect event in February, Connect Facilities were able to fund Challenge‘s Junior weekend camp for children affected by Cancer. Connect Facilities General Manager, George Zakhour and the team had the pleasure of attending the event which was held in June. Attending the Junior Camp allowed us to meet...

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Habits, Traits & Actions of a Superb Building Manager

Habits, Traits & Actions of a Superb Building Manager: Understanding the significance of a high performing building manager, and why they’re a necessity. It’s now 3 am, and you continue to hear the apartment above having a fiesta, sprinkled in with the sound of shattering glass bottles bursting like a piñata – down the bin...

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The Craft of Customer Support: Qualities Every Great Concierge Must Have

I have a question – what does service mean to you? Is it an exchange or a transaction? If it is, let me change your mind. Alternatively, if a service is something that knows no bounds to provide stellar success, then you most likely have a good concierge. A great concierge can dictate the culture...

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How Connect Facilities is Revolutionising Facility Management: Boosting Efficiency and Productivity

Enhancing Efficiency and Productivity: The Evolution of Facility Management in Australia Facilities management holds immense importance as it oversees the seamless operation and maintenance of physical assets, infrastructure, and services. Over the years, Australia has experienced a remarkable transformation in this domain, hightened by the imperatives of cost optimisation, sustainability, and heightened productivity. This article...

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Connect Facilities is proud to announce the official launch of our annual fundraising celebration, Connect With Connect

What is Connect With Connect? Connect With Connect aims to ignite connections with likeminded people from the corporate word to the charity space. Through social activities, the experience will foster new relationship, raise charitable donations and become an annual celebration. In February 2023, Connect Facilities partnered with Challenge, a local charity that supports children and...

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