What is build-to-rent

Build-to-rent, also known as multi-family housing, presents a modern approach to urban housing development. Typically, in this model, a developer creates and builds apartment complexes while maintaining ownership of the completed structure. Subsequently, the developer rents out these apartments to tenants and assumes responsibility for managing and up-keeping the entire complex. It's important to note that while this is the usual practice, there are cases where the developer may not retain ownership after construction.

The apartments can then be rented out by the developer, who manages and maintains the complex.

Benefits of having Connect Facilities manage your build-to-rent complex

Build-to-rent apartments and properties are designed to attract and retain tenants, as opposed to attracting a landlord who may never live there or an occupier who may not want to pay high owners corporation fees. The focus is on the renter, which means the buildings typically include a number of amenities that other types of complexes might not feature.

Connect Facilities manages many build-to-rent complexes and maintains the amenities and common areas, to ensure it is a safe environment for all occupiers.

An example of built-to-rent amenities that we maintain are; BBQ areas, gyms, yoga studios, communal working spaces, gardens and cinemas.

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