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How Building Management Elevates Sustainability Of Your Property

Are you concerned about the environmental state of the world? As issues such as climate change, pollution, resource depletion and environmental degradation become ever-pressing concerns in the modern century, whether or not the operations we run and amenities we use are sustainable as an increasingly necessary consideration to make. Enhancing sustainability in the building landscape is not exempt from this, in order to mitigate overall environmental impact. An effectively sustainable operational environment demands complex processes and professionals that understand multi-level administration from a B2B perspective, careful planning, and a long-term mindset among others. The experts at Connect Facilities excel in delivering building management services, and are here to provide an explanation on the different ways building management elevates sustainability for your property.

What Is Building Management?

Building management (facilities management) involves a variety of services (operation, maintenance and repair) that are crucial for different property aspects. These aspects include the functionality, safety and sustainability of the different property types (buildings, grounds, infrastructure and real estate). The main objective of building management is to keep its facilities at optimal function for those it serves – whether staff or consumer – across operational, marketing and business capacities. A shopping centre is maintained and managed, for example, to ensure aspects such as individual vendors have appropriate contract tendering, users have appropriate levels of accessibility, amenities are of health and wellness standard, and more.

Benefits Of Making Your Building Sustainable

  • Bettering the environment – the most important and necessary reason!
  • Allows for cost savings through better energy usage and water consumption.
  • Appeals to new tenants – there are many environmentally conscious people who demand eco friendly practices.
  • Value increases – due to increased tenant attraction to green spaces, this has the potential of driving traffic toward lead generation, and from there conversions. A highly competitive space, in addition to this, has the potential of raising property value
  • Enhances reputability – attracting more people to your company for your commitment to sustainability augments a sense of social responsibility, favouring your brand as being accountable and consequence-aware. 

Ways Building Management Helps Achieve Sustainability

To integrate the sustainability aspect into buildings, it is best to use the expertise of sustainability and energy consultants. There are several strategies that could be implemented like the following:

Energy efficiency

  • Converting primary fuel resources from gas to electricity, and limiting gas use
  • Installation of power-efficient smart tech, designed for high energy efficiency and low energy consumption

Waste management and recycling

  • Organising e-waste collection, and increasing awareness of responsible garbage organisation
  • Implement recycling campaigns
  • Streamlining app solutions for sustainable measures for residents

Water conservation

  • Implementing lower-waste fixtures – this could include modernising restroom bathware for more efficient water usage
  • Saving, recycling and repurposing rain water
  • Promoting water saving practices for residents

Connect Facilities Sustainable Building Management

Sustainable building management: EV Charging Integration and Adoption at Camberwell Village

At Connect Facilities, our building management strategy prioritises sustainability through implementation of efficient and effective, environmentally friendly strategies. This is important to reap the long-term benefits for client property and the environment. Connect Facilities are experienced experts, working on many projects. For example, the project at Camberwell Village using several sustainable strategies while addressing the essential need to meet the demand for electric car charging ports. Following the global trend of electric cars and helping Australia’s aim to make electric vehicles competitively available by the year of 2025. The implementation incentivises more electric vehicle usages which decreases wastefulness in petrol from cars, hence increasing sustainability. 

Contact Connect Facilities today to revolutionise your buildings and facilities with our dedicated and smart building management team.

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