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Complete end-to-end facility management solutions with industry-leading performance.

As experienced professionals in facilities management, we have a deep understanding of the unique requirements of every commercial, residential, retail and build to rent building.

Our commitment to excellence allows us to deliver exceptional results that surpass expectations and provide the best possible outcomes for our clients.

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No matter the facility, we provide complete end-to-end facilities management services with industry leading service and transparency.

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Connect Facilities is a distinguished provider of facilities management services, adeptly serving diverse sectors encompassing residential high-rises and dynamic mixed-use commercial spaces.


We are experts in commercial property facilities management.

We specialise in corporate facility management, whether the commercial property is for office use, mixed-use, scientific research or a laboratory. No matter what your business entails, our facilities management services empower your staff to focus on what they do best.


We specialise in managing diverse facilities. Residential setups demand exceptional relationship and communication skills from management.


When customer experience is key to sales, operational efficiency is part of the bottom line. We help businesses stay up and running, mitigating disruption and managing all the structural details.

build to rent

Connect Facilities aims to provide the ultimate build to rent solution for investors and residents.

Connect Facilities delivers comprehensive management strategies and advises on all specialist areas within the emerging asset class.

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We maximise sustainability and operational efficiency.

We understand the importance of sustainable practices in today's world. We strive to integrate sustainable strategies into every aspect of our operations, from reducing energy consumption and minimising waste to utilising eco-friendly materials and promoting environmentally responsible behaviour.

Our sustainability practices

We’re professionals with experience covering all facets of building facility management. We understand your building requirements, conquer expectations and provide the best possible outcomes.

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What is Facilities Management?

What Are Facilities Management Services?

The primary objective of a facilities manager is to address challenges and proactively avert disruptions that could impact the smooth functioning of buildings, facilities, and assets. Competent facilities managers excel at devising and executing a streamlined, comprehensive, and efficient multi-component strategy to achieve these goals.

What Is Building/Facilities Management

Facilities management can be defined as the tools and services that support the functionality, safety, and sustainability of buildings, grounds, infrastructure, and real estate. At Connect Facilities, we offer clients a range of pivotal services, including HVAC system management, landscaping, cleaning, and property maintenance, with a specific focus on commercial and retail facilities.

Our expertise extends to managing diverse properties, spanning from; commercial retail spaces, high-rise residential apartments, Build-to=Rent developments, and expansive industrial buildings. Our proficient Facilities Management team is dedicated to upholding the maintenance of your physical spaces and valuable assets, enabling them to consistently and effectively cater to your organisation’s requirements.

Facilities support encompasses a broad spectrum of services, encompassing interpersonal interactions such as tenant engagement and legal aspects tied to building occupancy and third-party suppliers. Additionally, our support extends to the installation and upkeep of cutting-edge security systems, and app integration.

Sustaining operational environments demands unwavering commitment, meticulous planning, adept multitasking, and forward-thinking. Effective facilities management necessitates substantial industry experience, a resource we abundantly possess. Our seasoned experts excel at delivering unwavering support services while seamlessly operating behind the scenes to ensure your facilities' optimal functioning.

Why Facilities Services Are Essential for Successful Organisations?

Effective operational management of a building or facility is paramount across all industries. According to a 2019 workplace study, nearly 75 percent of respondents attributed their optimal work performance to well-managed office spaces.

When there's a lack of a General Manager or Regional Manager overseeing properties, workplace efficiency takes a hit, making productivity a challenge. Systems breakdowns lead to decreased worker morale and hinder task completion.

Our facilities specialists leverage strategic expertise to coordinate service supply and demand across multiple buildings. Our services not only adhere to best practices but are also designed to yield optimal results. Our offerings encompass a range of vital tasks, including plumbing services, onsite lighting, waste management, property cleaning, fire safety protocol maintenance, onsite visitor interactions, security and surveillance services, and electrical and gas line inspections.

Connect Facilities guarantees your organisation's compliance with prevailing health and safety regulations. Our Facilities Specialists actively champion the well-being of managed facilities and their occupants.

Statistics show that a staggering 4.7 million workdays are lost annually due to workplace injuries. Seasoned facilities experts play a crucial role in averting such negative outcomes by instilling robust health and safety policies within the buildings under our management, thereby minimising risks and providing secure spaces for residents.

Inadequate safety measures can swiftly transform minor issues into costly and disruptive emergencies that are challenging to rectify. Such situations lead to dissatisfied occupants, facility damage, tarnished reputation, hefty fines, and significant financial losses.

Functions of a Good Facilities Services Team

General managers, facilities managers, coordinators, and concierge often juggle multiple roles, adapting to the specific sector or industry they serve. The nature of the facility, its location, products and services offered, as well as their quality, and various other factors come into play.

These dynamic variables influence the type of facilities services that suit an organisation best. For instance, corporate facilities management differs from residential facilities management.

Nevertheless, fundamental responsibilities remain consistent for facilities administrators, regardless of their operating environment:

People Management

Facilities coordinators oversee teams responsible for essential tasks in ongoing facilities support. Effective managers exhibit strong leadership and adept people management skills. Responsibilities encompass workload planning, grievance resolution, and disciplinary actions.

Health and Safety Management

A cornerstone function, ensuring organisational compliance with health and safety regulations is crucial. Maintaining onsite health and safety forms the foundation of organisational effectiveness. Compliance safeguards facilities, ensuring occupants' safety and shielding the organisation from severe penalties associated with noncompliance.

Noncompliance with health, safety, and environmental laws can lead to dire consequences, including:

  • Imprisonment
  • Fines
  • Brand damage
  • Reputation loss
  • Customer attrition
  • Employee departure
  • Legal actions

Financial Management

Effective facilities coordinators work with budgets to prevent overspending. Collaborating with the organisation's finance department, experienced managers establish robust accounting processes. The scale and complexity of managed buildings dictate budget allocation.

Project Management

The facilities department may engage in special projects, such as office relocations or remodelling ventures. These unique endeavours require careful management to ensure successful outcomes.

Contract Management

Numerous facilities services are outsourced to contractors, necessitating meticulous execution of service contracts. Facilities teams oversee contracts to ensure compliance with all terms and conditions.

In the realm of facilities management, the convergence of these roles creates a comprehensive and responsive approach to maintaining optimal operations for a diverse range of organisations

Purpose of Facilities Management

What Is the Purpose of Facilities Management?

Effectively managed facilities encompass a blend of comfort, safety, functionality, convenience, and efficiency, catering to employees, tenants, and customers alike. Purposefully crafted and personalised environments seamlessly integrate individuals, spaces, processes, and cutting-edge technologies.

The significance of contented and dedicated employees is widely acknowledged by most organisations. Competent facilities managers play a crucial role in creating immersive environments meticulously tailored to foster pleasant, secure, supportive, and fulfilling workplaces. However, the extensive effort involved in making this a reality often operates behind the scenes, with the comprehensive range of daily tasks necessary to ensure the continuous operation of an organisation not always fully understood.

Facilities coordinators adeptly handle both tangible and intangible responsibilities. Tangible tasks encompass the physical management of a building's space, involving issues like repairing broken water pipes or applying fresh coats of paint.

Concurrently, they oversee intangible tasks that involve the management of essential services contributing to a secure built environment. This includes liaising with customer service specialists who provide vital amenities such as catering, cleaning, and on-site security services, typically offered by facilities managers.

Computer-Aided Facilities Management

Leveraging Computer-Aided Facilities Management (CAFM) tools is pivotal for enhanced efficiency. Managers utilising CAFM tools can establish a centralised, data-driven system that grants all team members access to the most up-to-date facility information and project updates.

This tool also aids managers in strategic planning and resource management. Here are additional benefits associated with CAFM technology:

  • Augmented workplace efficiency: Real-time data empowers supervisors to optimise resource utilisation within a building.
  • Cost reduction: CAFM tools enable facilities supervisors to efficiently manage assets, leading to expense reduction. It facilitates accurate inventory management and planned procurement.
  • Elevated accessibility: Through this cloud-based management tool, team members can effortlessly access and manage data from remote locations using just a smartphone.

Maintenance Savings

Maintenance Savings through CAFM tools is another significant advantage. Implementing digital preventive maintenance schedules via CAFM can slash overall maintenance expenses by up to 70 percent.

While postponing repairs might seem economical in the short run, it eventually incurs higher costs. Swiftly addressing issues can prevent minor problems, like a leaky pipe, from escalating into major concerns, ultimately saving both time and money.

Finding the Right Facilities Manager

The role of a facilities manager can significantly impact your organisation’s success. Despite working behind the scenes, these professionals possess the ability to influence various stakeholders such as customers, vendors, investors, visitors, and employees. Therefore, selecting a Facilities Manager requires careful consideration.

Here are key attributes that define accomplished managers:

Composure Amidst Challenges

A lasting facilities supervisor exhibits remarkable composure. Handling crises is routine for them, and they navigate emergencies with poise.

Swift Decision-Making

When faced with a crisis, a candidate should rapidly and accurately assess the situation, devising an immediate plan of action. Their ability to resolve issues confidently while maintaining a sense of calm is crucial.

Dedication to Financial Growth

An exceptional manager enhances your organisation’s financial health through various means, including operational efficiency optimisation, increased bottom-line results, and generating high returns on investment.

Industry Expertise

Experience is irreplaceable. A candidate with a proven history in organisations similar to yours is already familiar with the operational landscape, enabling them to seamlessly integrate and contribute effectively.

Skill in Engaging Others

Motivating teams to consistently deliver top-tier services demands refined interpersonal and communication abilities. Recognising and valuing employee contributions are hallmarks of successful managers.

Flexibility and Adaptability

Adapting to ever-changing conditions is intrinsic to facilities management. Embracing flexibility fosters innovative thinking, enabling the emergence of creative solutions that might otherwise remain hidden.

Problem-Solving Proficiency

Effective managers focus on averting issues before they arise, empowering their teams to make decisions and implement new procedures.

At Connect Facilities, we offer an extensive range of customisable facilities management services tailored to your organisation’s requirements. Our portfolio spans luxury high-rise towers, multi-level residential complexes, and mixed-use commercial sites.

Our goal is to simplify your life. Contact us for a complimentary site evaluation or to explore our efficiency-centric facilities management solutions.

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