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Connect Facilities Facility Management Services is your reliable partner in navigating the dynamic landscape of Build to Rent Melbourne properties.

As leaders in build to rent management, we specialise in optimising the returns on your property investments, ensuring exceptional living experiences for your tenants.

What is Build to Rent Management?

Build-to-rent is a contemporary approach to urban housing development. In this innovative model, developers conceive and construct apartment complexes while retaining ownership of the finished structure.

Unlike the traditional ‘build-to-own’ approach, where developers sell individual units to occupants or investors, build-to-rent developers choose to maintain ownership post-construction. In this model, the completed apartments are rented to tenant households, and the developer assumes the responsibility of managing the entire complex.

Benefits of Build to Rent

Build to Rent revolutionises urban living by offering tenants tailored amenities, flexible living arrangements, and a seamless rental experience.

Delivers a variety of exceptional amenities

Build-to-rent properties are crafted with the primary goal of attracting and retaining tenants, distinguishing themselves from properties targeted at landlords or owner-occupiers averse to high body corporate fees. This renter-centric approach influences the design, ensuring that the building incorporates amenities that set it apart from other complexes in the market.

Swapping units within the same complex

With onsite management overseen by the developer, tenancy arrangements in build-to-rent properties offer tenants greater flexibility in terms of living space. This flexibility enables tenants to easily upsize to larger apartments when starting families or downsize to one-bedroom units. With a single owner for the entire complex, it becomes more convenient for tenants to explore and secure apartments that may become available in the future.

Build to Rent Melbourne with Connect Facilities

At Connect Facilities, we take pride in managing numerous build-to-rent complexes, ensuring the maintenance and upkeep of amenities and common areas for a secure environment for all occupants.

Our amenities span from BBQ areas, gyms, yoga studios, and gardens, to cinemas and communal working spaces. As a forefront leader in facility management, commercial project management, sustainable facilities management, and building management. Let us serve you with our services today.

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Latest Case Studies

Union Quarter Spotswood – A Build-To-Rent Triumph

This dynamic mixed-use development, comprising The McLister Apartments and The Hobson Apartments, is currently in progress. Designed to accommodate over 500 residents across 334 one, two, and three-bedroom apartments, it seamlessly integrates with retail spaces, forming a vibrant Town Centre that is poised to set a new benchmark in Melbourne’s west.

At Union Quarter Spotswood, our Regional Facilities Manager oversaw the entire journey, from the inception stages to the anticipated Settlement in the fourth quarter of 2023. This expansive project addresses a critical need for both retail and accommodation in Spotswood, a suburb experiencing remarkable revitalisation.

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