Case Studies  |  18 May 2023

The Craft of Customer Support: Qualities Every Great Concierge Must Have

I have a question – what does service mean to you?

Is it an exchange or a transaction? If it is, let me change your mind. Alternatively, if a service is something that knows no bounds to provide stellar success, then you most likely have a good concierge.

A great concierge can dictate the culture of a workplace, which comes through being the first point of contact – the person that is seen and observes everyone everyday.

A great concierge will ALWAYS try to fulfil your request. A ‘no’ should never be the initial answer if you have asked politely. That being said, let’s talk about what qualities separate a great concierge from a good concierge?

Enthusiasm, openness and eagerness

When it comes to getting things done, and doing what you say you’re going to do, feeling safe in one’s hands, great concierges are like nurses/doctors of their trade. Enthusiasm, openness and eagerness in a concierge mean they have a deep-seated desire to be of assistance and follow through with the task at hand. It is about being great while also remaining humble.

Loyalty, persistence and commitment

Perseverance is the unrelenting devotion to make things happen when you’re facing an uphill battle. Whether it’s collecting the Uber Eats delivery for a resident downstairs or safely assisting someone who is feeling the effects of too many Proseccos to the lift, you can rely on the concierge to make it happen.

Individually, personality and uniqueness

When it comes to cuisine, some prefer spice, whereas you may take a liking to sweetness. That’s because of the unique preferences you’ve gravitated towards through your life experiences. Concierges need to have their own personalities and bring elements of themselves to work. We will all be replaced by robots soon, but before that happens, let’s embrace what makes us different.

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