General Updates  |  4 December 2023

The Gift of Giving: Christmas At Prima Tower 2024

Prima Tower recently hosted a heartwarming Christmas event that not only brought joy to residents but also supported a meaningful cause. Collaborating with Connect Facilities and Melcorp Strata, the festive gathering aimed to strengthen community bonds while extending a helping hand to The Smith Family, an savoured dedicated to breaking the cycle of poverty through education and support.

The event was a blend of merry moments and purposeful connections. Adults savoured the diverse Australian produce showcased at market stalls while the kids were thrilled to meet the beloved figure of Santa Claus himself. However, beyond the festive ambiance, the gathering served a deeper purpose – raising funds for The Smith Family.

Cheryl Wills from The Smith Family graced the event, shedding light on the organisation’s incredible work. Her presence added a profound dimension to the celebration, inspiring hope and emphasising the impact of support during the holiday season.

Residents expressed their gratitude for the efforts behind the event, highlighting its role in fostering connections among the Prima Tower community. One resident shared how the celebration offered a rare chance to connect with fellow residents, bridging gaps that mere elevator greetings couldn’t fill. For some, it was the first meaningful connection made in years of residing at Prima Tower.

The emphasis on The Smith Family’s cause wasn’t just symbolic; the event successfully raised over $400, with ongoing donations accepted until the end of December. The focus on empowering underprivileged children through education struck a chord with attendees, encouraging further contributions toward this noble cause.

The inclusion of traditional Christmas goods for sale was a hit among attendees, adding a nostalgic touch to the festivities while supporting the charity. The warmth of the celebration was palpable, echoed by a resident’s heartfelt gratitude for the meticulous planning and execution, which made the event a memorable experience for families in attendance.

The success of this Christmas event at Prima Tower reflects the power of community coming together for a greater good. It’s a testament to how festive gatherings can transcend mere celebrations, becoming catalysts for meaningful connections and support for those in need. As the donations continue to pour in, the spirit of giving continues to thrive, promising a brighter future for underprivileged children, one festive celebration at a time.

To contribute to this noble cause, donations can still be made via the link:

The heartfelt appreciation and generosity exhibited by residents and organisers alike serve as a reminder that the holiday spirit is not just about festivities; it’s about kindness, connection, and making a tangible difference in the lives of others.

“I just want take a moment to thank you and all the staff for the wonderful Xmas celebration last Saturday. A very merry time was had by all who came!

I know that all the residents who attended very much appreciate the effort it must have taken to organise and carry out such an event. It was a great chance to meet other residents,  and also connect in a more personal way with residents who one only says “hi” to in the lifts or the entrance.

In fact, I spoke to one couple who have been living at Prima for 4 years and who didn’t know anybody; this was the first time they had actually made a meaningful connection with other residents.I particularly liked the inclusion of the representative from the Smith Family, as her presentation (along with the wonderful introduction by the Owners Corporation representative) lent a deeper nuance to the celebration.

The inclusion of produce (particularly, plum puddings and similar traditional Xmas goods) for sale was also a nice idea, and we ended up purchasing a couple of items. We all had a wonderful time, and on behalf of my wife, daughter and family friend who attended a big thank you to you all for putting so much care into this year’s Xmas festivities!!”

– Liam McCaul, Prima Tower Resident

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