Our Approach

Managing Today, Safeguarding Tomorrow – this is our approach.

Our philosophy of 'Managing Today, Safeguarding Tomorrow' reflects our holistic approach to providing our clients with the best possible outcomes. We seamlessly blend strategic, tactical, and operational considerations with a focus on efficiency, productivity, and security. This combination ensures that our services meet the immediate needs of our clients while also protecting their interests for the future.

We understand that facilities management is a crucial component in the success of any organisation. That's why our approach combines a deep understanding of the unique needs of each building with the latest industry best practices and technology. This enables us to provide effective and efficient solutions that address our clients' present needs while safeguarding their future interests.

Delivery & Transparency

Transparency is key for any successful business. We have modelled our processes to identify and communicate the way we manage our buildings – ensuring the safety and wellbeing of all employees, residents and the communities associated with our operations.

We are dedicated to satisfying client expectations in every aspect of living. Connect Facilities applies management and service programs to suit the Scope of Services and schedule, in accordance with all regulatory standards. Reporting and monitoring will be maintained consistently throughout all services and communicated to the Owners Corporation and committee members.

How we achieve exceptional service delivery:

  • Personalised meetings with all stakeholders to source solutions
  • Conduct ongoing staff training and personal development
  • Work with the committee and OC manager to be accountable for budgets, expenditure and maintenance
  • Encouraging ethical practices and behaviours within the organisation and those whom they interact and work with
  • Attending committee and sub-committee meetings, as required
  • Ensure staff have the relevant industry experience & customer centric focus
  • Detailed building mangers reports with analysis
  • Annually reviewing our policies


We understand the importance of sustainable practices in today's world. We strive to integrate sustainable strategies into every aspect of our operations, from reducing energy consumption and minimising waste to utilising eco-friendly materials and promoting environmentally responsible behaviour. Our commitment to sustainability not only benefits the environment but also helps our clients achieve cost savings and enhance their corporate social responsibility. By adopting sustainable practices, we aim to provide long-term benefits for our clients, the community, and the planet.

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Site Implementation Plan

Connect Facilities, through consultation, will implement a site-specific implementation plan that will be tailored to suit the performance and expectation of all stakeholders. We achieve this service level through the methodologies listed below;

Step 1 Identify Facilities Management Requirements

Interpret the established activities and priorities with relevant stakeholders by focusing on strategies, objectives and timelines. Assess the controlled risks through monitoring and reporting so we can plan accordingly to organisational and legislative requirements.

Step 2 Organise Support Processes

Following the identification process, resources and contingency requirements are established to determine site specific targets and milestones which will be linked to the management plan. Documentation, procedures and processes will be implemented and distributed to the relevant people.

Step 3 Monitoring Site Implementation Plan

The Monitoring Site Implementation Plan outlines a strategic approach to manage and oversee project progress. This plan ensures adherence to guidelines, resource allocation, and objectives. Here's how a building manager effectively monitors an implementation plan:

  • Systematic Oversight: The building manager ensures each plan step is executed systematically. This involves resource management, milestone tracking, and addressing issues promptly.

  • Resource Alignment: Efficient resource management is crucial. The building manager monitors expenses, comparing them with budgets and making adjustments as needed.

  • Team Support: Coaching and mentoring team members foster a cohesive environment and project success.

  • Robust Documentation: Accurate recording and reporting systems are maintained to track progress and challenges, ensuring transparency.

  • Legal Compliance: Adherence to legal and site-specific requirements is a priority. Regular checks confirm compliance.

In summary, the building manager's role includes methodical execution, resource management, team support, documentation, and legal compliance. Their oversight ensures successful project outcomes.

Step 4 Evaluate Implementation Plan

Regular reporting on progress and outcomes are to be provided. Systematic review processes must be used to evaluate outcomes. Recommendation for improvement are presented.