Prima Tower

Prima Tower is an ultra-luxe marvel rising above Southbank’s preeminent arts and leisure precinct.

35 Queensbridge Street, Southbank VIC 3006

Experience urban luxury at Prima Tower. Our residents revel in convenient city living, surrounded by culture, dining, and entertainment options. With stunning city views through curtain glass walls, our range of apartments and sub-penthouses captures Melbourne’s high life.

Indulge in exceptional amenities—a 25M indoor pool, spa, gym, private cinema, and more. For elevated living, residents of levels 46 and above can access the Sky Lounge on level 67.

Security is paramount, with advanced measures ensuring tranquility. Connect Facilities prioritises resident well-being through cutting-edge technology and a highly trained security team.

Efficiency drives our management approach. Connect Facilities oversee operations meticulously, from energy optimisation to streamlined maintenance. The result? A seamless, luxurious experience where worry is left behind.

At Prima Tower, the well-being and security of residents are of paramount importance. Connect Facilities takes great pride in implementing stringent security measures to safeguard the tranquil sanctuary. With cutting-edge technology and a highly trained security team, residents enjoy peace of mind knowing that their safety is uncompromised.

Efficiency and effectiveness lie at the heart of Connect Facilities’ approach to managing Prima Tower. The Facilities Managers, with a keen eye for detail, meticulously oversee the tower’s operations, ensuring seamless functionality at all times. From optimising energy usage to implementing streamlined maintenance protocols, every aspect is carefully orchestrated to enhance the residents’ experience and minimise disruptions.

By combining exceptional security provisions with efficient operations, Connect Facilities guarantees an elevated living experience within Prima Tower—a haven where residents can indulge in luxurious surroundings and enjoy a serene sanctuary, free from worry.

  • 600 Apartments
  • 3576 sqm of resident amenities
  • 24/7 Concierge / Security
  • 1000 sqm of Common Areas
  • 12000 Residents
  • 21 Daily-on-site staff
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