Our Building Management Services


Connect Facilities understands stakeholder expectation and site requirements – our services aren’t only best-practice – they’re made to provide you with the best possible outcomes.

Who We Service

Whether it’s your home, work or business, we provide complete end-to-end building management services with industry-leading service and transparency.


From boutique apartments to skyscrapers, our comprehensive and customised approach and services ensures your building is managed to peak efficiency, from top to bottom.


Providing industry-leading customer service, security and safety is our standard. For residents, your property is home and our presence defines a seamless lifestyle.


Our high standards are built on four pillars of service: expertise to match our drive, a commitment to customers, striving to set new standards and creating the perfect program for your site.

To us, it’s more than an approach. It’s a commitment. We meet stakeholder needs and site requirements with exceptional service and outcomes.

Customer Service


Customer Service


Customer Service


Customer Service


What We Do

Customised, personalised programs of service based on your building and needs, including but not limited to:

Facility Management

We manage all facets of a facility with a view of maximising sustainability and operational efficiency. We have experience covering a wide range of amenities; essential, common and unique.

Building Management

Our expertise covers a diverse range of property, construction and commercial industries – allowing us to develop building management solutions tailored to your building’s unique requirements.

Contractor Management

We coordinate and manage contractor relations, from the tender process to contract signing and beyond to long-term administration. We have many trusted contractors we work with day-to-day and on an ad-hoc basis.


We assist you in efforts to reduce environmental impact. We start with smart management of essential services and continue on to sharing, and implementing, cutting-edge insights.

OHS & Risk

Safeguarding your interests, people and property with diligence and procedures that are always up-to-date. Ensuring the continued safety of your living or working environment is our top priority.

Emergency Management

On call to provide immediate, impeccable care to facilities and occupants in any situation that arises. We instil calmness through comprehensive emergency management.

Security Management

Protecting occupants through comprehensive access control and security services. We provide your tenants with safety, confidence and peace-of-mind.

Defect Management

Complex systems require comprehensive service and, at times, maintenance, repairs and restoration. We ensure rapid response to any and all defects that arise.

Customer Service

A range of options to improve customer service standards and occupant experiences, from simple communications to 6-star hotel-calibre services.

24-Hour Concierge

Front-of-house presence that provides a stable and convenient suite of services to all occupants, from part-time to full 24-hour, year-round service.

Planned Management

With a long-term view of asset management, we coordinate and implement a planned calendar for servicing, safety and scheduling, all enabled by a complete asset registry.

Project Management

Minor or major works impact the property as a whole. We manage projects to ensure minimal disruption for occupants and maximised outcomes for owners.

Resource Management

With a view of both sustainability and cost efficiency, we manage vital resources. We interface with providers, troubleshooting issues and staying ahead of trends and industry change.

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