Case Studies  |  9 November 2023

Key Statistics in Facilities Management taken from: The Latest Sustainability In Facilities Management Statistics Unveiled

Welcome to the dynamic realm of facilities management, where sustainability has emerged as a central focus and concern.

The responsible utilisation of resources and the protection of our planet rely significantly on how we manage our facilities — whether it’s minimising waste, conserving energy, or ensuring a healthy indoor environment. Understanding the statistics related to sustainability in facilities management provides essential insights into the progress we’ve made and the challenges we face.

In this blog post, we dive into the concrete figures, illuminating the significance, trends, and impacts of sustainability in this crucial sector.
– 60% of facilities managers prioritise sustainable practices.
– 75% of Facility Management professionals believe sustainability efforts can lead to cost savings for their organisations.
– Energy-efficiency improvements can decrease facilities’ energy use by up to 40%.
– 83% of facility managers observe an increased demand for health and well-being features in sustainable buildings.
– 95% of businesses report tangible benefits from their sustainability programs, such as reduced energy and waste costs.
– 91% of facility management professionals emphasise the importance of data in managing and implementing sustainability initiatives.
– Sustainable buildings experience, on average, a 7% increase in asset value compared to traditional buildings.
– 68% of organisations factor in sustainability when deciding where to locate their facilities.
– Renewable energy systems have the potential to reduce energy costs in facilities by up to 70%.
– A study on green facilities management revealed that businesses can save up to 20% on operational costs through energy-efficient changes.

Statistics taken from: Essential Sustainability In Facilities Management Statistics In 2023

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